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    A3 EOD Robot
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    A3 EOD Robot
    Building on the AVATAR®III (A3) Tactical and HazMat Robots, the A3 EOD Robot features a five-axis...
    Guardian – Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV)
    More Info

    Guardian – Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV)
    Delivering enhanced protection for the human operator, the Guardian MROV is well suited to high-risk,...
    Cyclops Mk4D – Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV)
    More Info

    Cyclops Mk4D – Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV)
    Based on the UK MoD’s ‘Buckeye’ MROV, this unique MROV is currently being widely deployed by military,...

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