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    Scan-Wedge 100 (EMIS303)

    Scan-Wedge 100
    Print-Ready Version

    In response to the bombings on the london underground and the increased need for security checks of suspicious or unattended items, we have now introduced an inexpensive robust flat panel x-ray imager.

    Developed specifically for portable x-ray screening in tough law enforcement and eod environments, scanwedge has a unique flat panel design which allows it to be used in even the most confined spaces. scanwedge can be used from different orientations and produces high quality x-ray images.

    Because safety, robustness and speed of use were some of the key concerns for eod and police operators, scanwedge is specifically designed with these features in mind.

    For the safety of operators and others in the vicinity, scanwedge is used with the well tried and tested golden x-ray generators, and does not rely on hazardous generators containing pressurized or toxic gases. for speed and safety, scanwedge images are sent immediately to a laptop so that operators do not have to reapproach a potential suspect bomb to retrieve film or imaging plates.
    For increased robustness, scanwedge contains no moving parts nor fragile components which makes it ideal for use in tough field environments.

    Furthermore, with a flat imaging area of 25cm x 33 cm (10 x 13), Scan-Wedge provides more than 50% coverage than other conventional portable x-ray systems in its class and can be supplied in a single rugged transport case.
    Scan-Wedge is available as a complete system or as a flatpanel upgrade or accessory to Scan-Trak or other portable x-ray units utilizing safe golden generators or Polaroid film.

    compact flat panel imager (25 x 33 cm) for getting into tight spaces
    50% more coverage than conventional imaging boxes in the same class
    search and examine suspicious packages or unattended bags on the spot
    no reapproach to potentially dangerous item
    portable and easy to set up and use in less than 5 minutes
    image analysis includes zoom, reverse black and white, pseudo-colour, pseudo 3D and measure, show gradients, rotation, distance, contrast enhancement and more
    works with safe portable x-ray sources including golden XR150, golden XR200, golden XRS-3.
    image print and email. archive in excess of 32,000 images on pc or cd
    annotation tools
    full database management tools

    Standard system
    robust xr200 (golden) or lightweight xr150 (golden) x-ray source
    notebook pc with windows xp
    scanna image capture unit (SICU)
    50 m cable drum
    spare battery
    battery charger
    instruction manuals

    wirefree system
    range of carry cases
    larger size image capture units (10 x 13" or 11 x 15") or customer specification
    golden XR200, golden XR150 or golden XRS-3 x-ray source
    multi-lingual interface and operating guides
    external camera

    bomb disposal
    suspect package investigation
    check unattended bags
    search for narcotics and hidden contraband
    searching behind walls for bugs/weapons
    vehicle panel/tyre inspection
    ndt (non-destructive testing)

    Scan-Trak minimum specifications
    processor: Centrino, Pentium IV, Celeron, 1.6 Ghz minimum
    drives: hard disk 40 Gb min
    memory: 128 Mb ram expandable
    operating system: Windows XP (or 98/NT/ME/2000)
    image storage: exceeds 32,000 stored images in .bmp or .jpg
    power source: 220VAC 50 Hz or rechargeable battery
    record & export facility: video, audio & data, fax, LAN & modem 56K
    image enhancement: rotate, zoom, invert b/w, pseudo colour, pseudo 3-D, measurement in mm or inches

    Standard source:

    option 1: (xr 200)
    150kV maximum energy
    penetration: 15 mm steel
    5.5 kgs with battery

    option 2: (xr150)
    pulsed X-ray with 40 beam angle
    150kV maximum energy, 23 microsievert output dose per pulse at 1m. 0.028 microsievert behind beam
    penetration: 15mm steel.
    36 AWG or 32 AWG behind 3mm steel
    2 kgs with battery

    option 3: (xrs -3)
    300kV maximum energy
    penetration: 25 mm steel
    5.5 kgs with battery

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