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    NBC Cruiser with Cab Over-Pressure System (SRVNBC103)

    NBC Cruiser with Cab Over-Pressure System

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    LSSI has released their most advanced NBC Cruiser terrorism response vehicle.

    The NBC Cruiser COP system is based around a Ford F-550 Crew Cab with customized 12 foot aluminum bed.

    This unit features a high performance cab-overpressure system that provides more that 200 cubic feet per minute of clean filtered air into the cab of the vehicle to protect the crew and first responders from the harmful effects of nuclear fallout, chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds and materials.

    Chemical Warfare Agent monitors allow remote detection from within the vehicle and an integrated meteorological station with computer hazard modeling software provides downwind hazard prediction.

    This fully equipped NBC Cruiser includes protection, detection, decontamination and communications assets creating a fully integrated response platform.

    These vehicles qualify for GRANT FUNDING.

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