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Image of Kestrel The Kestrel is a two-piece CBRN chemical protective overgarment that is both lightweight and washable up to 10 times.
It's light weight material make this suit comfortable, easy to work in and secure from chemical and biological warfare contaminants. Great for use in even the most hot and humid environments, the Kestrel is a tough, versatile, low-heat stress, permeable-type garment system.
The Kestrel is an ideal replacement CBRN suit product for the Saratoga HAMMER suit.

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Custom Response Vehicles

Advanced NBC Cruiser terrorism response vehicle now with remote CWA monitoring.


In response to the bombings in the London "Underground" and the increased need for security checks of suspicious or unattended items, we have now introduced an inexpensive robust flat panel x-ray imager.

Developed specifically for portable x-ray screening in tough law enforcement and EOD environments, Scan-Wedge has a unique flat panel design which allows it to be used in even the most confined spaces. Scan-Wedge can be used from different orientations and produces high quality x-ray images.

Life Safety Systems, LLC (LSS) is pleased to present our website and catalog system featuring our specialized counter-terrorism equipment, vehicles and supplies. Our products and services have been categorized to aid you in finding the optimal solution to your specific needs. As you browse, you'll find the latest in technology and supplies, many of which are available exclusively through LSS.

Life Safety Systems, LLC is a provider of counter-terrorism equipment and supplies. We equip emergency and counter-terrorism professionals with the latest in NBC protection, detection, decontamination and high explosives mitigation technology.

LSS serves authorized agencies worldwide. We are the professional source for federal agencies, the military, state and local fire/rescue and law enforcement agencies.

LSS personnel represent more than 25 years of experience in specialized response services for emergency first responders. Our company has been supporting the needs of America’s NBC counter-terrorism First Responder Community since 1996 with advanced products, services and training.

LSS is your professional NBC counter-terrorism consultant where you receive the latest in counter-terrorism equipment, supplies, vehicles, specialized consultation and training.

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