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    Cyclops Mk4D – Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV) (EMR105)

    Cyclops Mk4D – Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV)
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    Based on the UK MoD’s ‘Buckeye’ MROV, this unique MROV is currently being widely deployed by military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world. Cyclops is ideal for high-risk, hazardous environments including Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) and Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD).

    Product Capability

    · Easily controlled through a briefcase-style base station and TFT display

    · Compact and lightweight for ease of deployment

    · High versatility; Cyclops’ small footprint and flexibility allow operation in urban areas

    · Ideal for use in confined spaces such as aircraft, buses, ships and trains, providing easy access to luggage racks, overhead lockers and low-level areas

    · Extensive maneuverability allows Cyclops to negotiate obstacles and to climb stairs

    · Wheel kits enable simple conversion for rural, off-road situations

    · Adaptable for special environments

    · Optional store and deployment of disruptors, small arms, manipulators, hand tools, chemical and explosive agent detectors, x-ray and thermal imaging systems etc.

    · Spot light feature allows detailed, close range observation

    · Rapid rechargeable Lithium ion battery maximizes vehicle availability/operability

    · Pan and tilt head ensures optimum positioning of disruptor and camera system

    · Proportional joystick control guarantees precise operation

    Product Specifications

    · Width: 395mm (tracks), 535mm (wheels), length: 870mm, height: (stowed) 400mm, man-portable at approx 30kg weight

    · 2m lifting and extending boom

    · Cantilevered track system

    · Radio and fiber optic control

    · Up to 4 cameras/video channels

    · 4 weapon firing circuits

    · Speed 0-5km/Hr tracks, 0-8km/Hr wheels


    Monocoque chassis, sealed to IP 55 (higher classifications optional)

    Weight:- 34Kg

    Size:– Width 395mm max when in tracked configuration, 535mm max when in wheeled configuration, Length 870mm drawbridge down 790mm drawbridge up, Height (Stowed)

    400mm Max


    Turning circle:- within diagonal length

    Speed:- (proportional control) 0-3Km/hr tracked configuration, 0-6Km/hr wheeled configuration.

    Stair Climb / descend capability (tracked configuration only):- Using auto configuration,

    Maximum stair angle 45 degrees, maximum riser height 200mm Maximum tread 200mm.

    Steeper angles possible with manual configuration.

    Typical obstacle climbing height:- 400mm (manual configuration)

    Typical gap / ditch traversing:- 500mm

    Articulated drawbridge for first stair and obstacle climbing.

    Ability to fit 4 wheels for rural and off road capability, track system retained when wheels are fitted to assist obstacle negotiation.

    Brakes:- Operator controlled brakes to hold vehicle stationary on stairs of slopes.


    Water fording capability:- 65mm tracked configuration 135mm wheeled configuration.

    Towing capability:- >1000Kg (terrain dependent)

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