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    With new threats facing the world ranging from response to radiological dirty bombs, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, LSSI working together with their specialized team members offers their advanced Mobile Lab System™ (MLS).

    The LSSI Mobile Lab System™ provides a safe, reliable work environment for terrorism or emergency health first responders. This revolutionary vehicle fulfills a critical gap in rapid diagnostics, epidemiology and preventative medicine. These totally self contained and fully functional mobile laboratory systems can be provided with either BSL-2 or BSL-3 capabilities.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction ( WMD ) and Natural Disasters all require a rapid, effective and technologically expedient on-site testing capability.

    LSSI Mobile Lab systems provide for continuous aerosol sampling for biological agents, and the ability to conduct on site field analysis and to make rapid, accurate, time sensitive and appropriate medical decisions for affected area populations.

    In addition to biological testing capabilities there are models available that encompass the full range of terrorism detection and response requirements including nuclear and radiological agents, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and materials.

    The Mobile Lab Systems™ can incorporate sophisticated real-time communications capabilities including: satellite, teleconferencing, high speed data links, phone, fax and integrated video for remote technical analysis and on board weather and meteorological monitoring capabilities.

    To provide heightened levels of operator safety the Mobile Lab Systems™ can be equipped with high efficiency cab-overpressure systems to create a protected operator environment inside of the vehicle no matter what the outside conditions and include long range advance chemical warning systems with laser sensing.

    The LSSI Mobile Biological Laboratories are custom built to the end user’s specific requirements.

    LSSI and their staff of qualified specialists and technical engineers work together with you, the end user to design your Mobile Lab Systems™ and equip them with specialized equipment to maximize the capabilities and effectiveness of your vehicle. Dependent on your needs our staff will design your vehicle to be the right size for the mission.

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