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    SAFESITE™ Multi-Threat Detection System (DTCDED100)

    SAFESITE™ Multi-Threat Detection System
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    The SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection System is now available from LSSI.

    Designed to monitor, detect and communicate the presence of up to six potential threats, including chemical warfare agents (CWA), gamma radiation, volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), combustible gas and oxygen deficiency and enrichment, the SAFESITE System operates within a wireless network.

    SAFESITE Systems combine state-of-the-art detection technology with advanced wireless communications capabilities to provide superior preventative and counter measure solutions for many applications, including: Homeland Security, Emergency Response, Public Events, Building Protection, Mass Transportation Centers, Perimeter Monitoring, Hazardous Response, Port Surveillance and Confined Space Monitoring.

    The SAFESITE System consists of two main components, the SAFEMTX™ Multi-Threat Detector and the SAFECOM™ Command Center. The system can be installed permanently (wired or wireless) for continual monitoring, or deployed as a portable system.

    Using multi-sensing technologies, the SAFEMTX Detector monitors the maximum number of potential threats, helping first responders, law enforcement and government agents reduce the risk of exposure and facilitate consequence management. The SAFECOM Command Center converts data from the SAFEMTX Detectors into practical information through an uncomplicated graphical user interface, enabling rapid decision-making.

    SAFECOM Command Centers can manage up to two systems with 16 SAFEMTX Detectors per system.

    SAFESITE System provides two miles of wireless communication between any SAFEMTX Detector and SAFECOM Command Center. When necessary, the SAFECOM unit can configure any SAFEMTX Detector as a repeater, ensuring maximum signal strength and reliable deployment without the need to move units.

    LSSI offers their Robo-Taxi remote control robot system to allow remote autonomous insertion of the SAFESITE System into terrorist events.

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