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    AirBoss IRT 3 Lane Decon Shower System (DCDSS102)

    AirBoss IRT 3 Lane Decon Shower  System
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    LSSI provides a full range of decontamination shower systems from AirBoss Defense and IRT.

    3 Lane Decontamination Shelter for effective decontamination of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory casualties within the same compact footprint.

    Pre-fabricated decontamination design insures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and speed of deployment. Integral cloth booms, pre-plumbed Quick Connects and patented articulating frame reduces set-up time, maintains system integrity and increases functionality. Curtain set with ground clips to segregate male, female and non-ambulatory patients and providing undress, wash, rinse and redress stations in the ambulatory lanes. Patent pending Active Curtains saturate patients with 360 of spray with 5 nozzles per station. System can accommodate either 3 lines of ambulatory decon, or 2 lines ambulatory and 1 non-ambulatory. Internal ergonomic hand sprayers enable decontamination of non-ambulatory casualties with user directed spray (ordered separately). Corrosion resistant Anodized aluminum frame with chemical resistant fabric provides for long life and reliability. Interior canopy includes white, opaque skylight that provides ambient lighting, protects exterior frame from contaminants and expedites post-use cleanup. CamLok connectors allow easy plumbing connection with gloved hands.

    Standard Features and Accessories
    Transport Bag
    Repair Kit
    Anchor Kit
    2 Active Curtains with integrated water booms and nozzles with End Tie Downs and 2 Isolation Curtains
    Exterior Anodized Aluminum Frame
    Chemical Resistant Fabric
    2 Zippered Clothing Ports per Side
    2- 6 Diameter Snorkeled Ports per Side
    Ground Cloth
    1- 14" Diameter Snorkeled Port per Side
    2 Zippered Clothing Ports per Side
    2- 6 Diameter Snorkeled Ports per Side
    Wind straps
    5-Panel Zippered End Doors w/ Velcro strip
    Operator's Manual
    Instructional Video

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