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    AirBoss Defense IRT Decon Showers with separate Negative Pressure Isolation Shelter (DCDSS100)

    AirBoss Defense IRT Decon Showers with separate Negative Pressure Isolation Shelter
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    LSSI provides a full range of decontamination shower systems with separate CBRN isolation chambers from IRT and TVI.


    3-Line Decontamination Shelter, 20’L x 11’W, (1)
    Interior Basin, (1)
    Flash Water Heater, 340,000 BTU, (1)
    Shower Maintenance Kit (1)
    Hand Sprayers, (4)
    Water Hose, Decon, Nylon F-F Camloks, 20ft, Blue, (1)
    Water Hose, Decon, Nylon F-F Camloks, 20ft, Red, (1)
    Waste Water Pump, Submersible, (1)
    Waste Water Bladder, (1)
    Light Fixture, (2)
    Litter Conveyor, 10’, (2)
    Transfer Board, (2)
    Floor Risers, Poly, Rigid, 1.75” x 24” x 48”, (8)
    NOTE: 120V, 60Hz, Type N Plugs

    Isolation Shelter System, 24’L x 16’W x 9’L, (1)
    *1000cfm Chem/Bio Filtration Unit, (1)
    Light Fixture, (6)

    Nominal size: 20' L x 11' W
    Stored size: 45" x 45" x 45"
    Shelter weight: 215 lbs
    Shipping weight: 1,062 lbs


    ∙ CBRN Victim Isolation Chamber
    ∙ Negative Pressure Isolation Chambers
    ∙ Waiting Rooms/Surge Capacity
    ∙ Intensive Care
    ∙ Brochoscopy
    ∙ Renal Dialysis
    ∙ Triage Chamber

    Isolation Chamber Features
    Chamber deploys in a matter of minutes with full airlock functionality and specimen pass trough ports.

    Integral air lock for safety and clear vinyl windows for visibility.

    Available in either 3 or 5 gurney configurations.

    Filtration System Features:

    Air Filtration System incorporates state-of-the-art technology in particulate and chemical filtration.

    Filtration system delivers up to 1500 CFM, working at max air flow provides min 12 air changes per hour for rooms ≤; 7500 cubic feet (Note: Subject to Room Leakage.), meeting flow requirements of the “CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities”.

    Triple element filter design extends filter life while assuring effectiveness.

    Pleated pre-filter allows gross filtration removing large particulate matter.

    Monitors room/shelter pressure (+ or – ) and displays on digital readout.

    Monitors the pressure drop of the system filters and displays on digital readout in maintenance mode.

    Upper and Lower Alarm and Warning set points for each of the pressures monitored.

    Audible and visuals indicators alert the user when the system is in an alarm or warning state.

    Digital display of the system status during alarm and warning states.

    Data Port ( Optional Software for data of logging of room/ shelter pressure and alarm/warning conditions).

    Control system auto-adjusts required air flow in response to the chamber air pressure.

    Can be used in conjunction with IRT’s infection control shelters or as a standalone unit for rooms.

    Vertical design minimizes footprint and optimizes floor space.

    Unit includes wheels and handles for outdoor movement, casters for vertical indoor movement as well, transport lift handles for safe loading and unloading.

    The Filters are High Capacity ASHRA, better than 99.99% @ 0.3 micron HEPA Filter tested to IEST-RP-CC007 and IEST-RP-CC034 Carbon Absorber ChemPak. Carbon Absorber, filters out chemical vapors & its design is qualified at the US Army Lab, SBCCOM, Edgewood, MD and displays 15 mins. of FMMP life at 99.9992% efficiency when challenged with 5000mg/m3

    Isolation Chamber Overview:

    ∙ Self-contained isolation chamber insures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and speed of deployment.

    ∙ Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum frame with chemical resistant fabric provides for long life and reliability.

    ∙ Integral zippered 5 foot airlock.

    ∙ Sidewall and overhead attachment points for monitoring equipment.

    ∙ Deploys easily with two people in minutes.

    ∙ Snorkeled duct work for filtration unit.

    ∙ Zippered specimen pass through slots.

    ∙ Full length side windows and double end viewing portals.

    ∙ Shelters sized for either three or five gurneys.

    Chamber Specifications

    Chamber Size 24' L x 16' W x 9'H
    Chamber Capacity 5 Gurneys 3 Gurneys dependent of model ordered.
    Exterior Fabric Scheme White

    Windows Clear Vinyl Full length on Both Sides, Dual Viewing Portals on End Doors Clear Vinyl Full length on Both Sides, Dual Viewing Portals on End Doors
    Doors One Air Lock Door, Two Ends Doors One Air Lock Door, Two Ends Doors
    Lighting Two Two
    Shelter Stored Cube 53” x 53” x 53”
    Shelter Weight 272 lbs
    Shipping weight: 565 lbs

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