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    Wire Detector 420 DR (EMMD100)

    Wire Detector 420 DR
    Print-Ready Version

    The 420 DR wire detector is designed for the location of fire lines or command wires of remote controlled booby traps and mines. It can also be used when inspecting areas for eavesdropping devices such as wirebound microphones.

    The detection of wires is effected in a passive mode. The detector measures the antenna effect of cables and wires which is due to ambient radio frequencies. The wire picks up the radio frequencies and is surrounded by a field of high frequency, which is detected andindicated by an audio alarm. The alarm intensity indicates the length of the antenna and the strength of the surrounding HF field.

    Even relatively short wires of less than 2 m length can be detected. Metal objects of compact shape or grids, which are not very sensible to high frequency, will show almost no interference while searching. If little ambient radio frequencies can be expected in the search area, a handheld transmitter can be used to improve detection results.

    Power supply: 1 dry battery 9V or NiMH battery
    Operating time: approx. 12 h with dry alkaline battery
    Temperature range: -20 to +55 C approx.
    Diameter of the search coil: 200 mm
    Total length: approx. 640 mm
    Total length with extension rod (option): 1160 mm
    Weight: approx. 0,9 kg in short version, approx. 4 kg complete in transit case.

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