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    NBC Protection Individual Protection (TI3DE)

    NBC Protection Individual Protection
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    Individual NBC protection is the decisive part of all NBC protection measures. For carrying out missions under NBC conditions, it is absolutely necessary that every soldier is provided with effective individual NBC protection equipment. Personnel must be provided with individual NBC protection equipment in order to keep personnel losses as low as possible, keep (at least) parts of the troops fit and ready for action, ensure the basis for the continuation of (military) objectives under the conditions of an attack with NBC weapons.

    The individual NBC Protection equipment offers the necessary protection only if each soldier, sergeant and officer is provided with a complete set of individual NBC protection equipment, keeps all parts of the protection equipment ready for use, masters the timely and effective use of the protection equipment and is psychologically and physically able to continue missions while wearing NBC protection equipment at any time.

    Components of the Personal NBC Protection Equipment

    The main components of the personal NBC protection equipment are:
    • NBC Protection Mask

    • NBC Self-Aid Kit

    • Additional components necessary for individual NBC protection, e.g
      • auto injectors with antidotes

      • agents for prophylaxis against nerve chemicals, etc.

    • NBC protection foil, etc.

    • NBC Protection Clothing

    For missions under NBC conditions in hot climate zones, only air permeable NBC protection clothing should be accepted. For special tasks heavy protection suits must be equipped with ventilation devices.

    NBC Protection Mask

    The NBC protection mask is individually suited to its wearer (soldier) and protects him against the taking in of chemical warfare agents, biological (bacteriological) warfare agents, radioactive particles, etc. via the respiratory tracts, the gastro-intestinal tract or the eyes. Only when the protection mask fits well and tightly and works correctly (so do the filters), does it protect its wearer and enable him to carry out actions under NBC conditions.

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