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    BorSec™ Security Tower (SRVBS-105)

    BorSec™ Security Tower
    Print-Ready Version

    BorSec™ Security Tower

    Print-Ready Version

    BorSec™ Security Tower

    Print-Ready Version

    LSSI and our team partners are pleased to offer our armored, mobile security and observation tower systems.

    Available with tower configurations for either two or three observation officers our BorSec™ Security Tower provides optimum surveillance capabilities for border and security threat locations.

    Towers can be equipped with long infrared cameras, ground sensing radar and sophisticated communications suites to provide networked security.

    The BORSEC™ tower is a stand-alone, portable, elevated security platform designed to provide 360° viewing area for personnel, as well as gun ports on all sides to safely return fire when needed.

    The system is built using a modular space frame design which enables any damaged armoring to be easily replaced following a fire fight by the personnel on duty.

    The BORSEC™ offers NIJ Level I through IIIA bullet resistance, and is upgradable to NIJ Level V +.

    The BORSEC™ mobile, solar powered, ballistic-manned surveillance tower will reach 40′ high.

    The tower is capable of lifting the guard tower 40-feet high (over 10-feet higher than the competition); it can hold any height desired without lifting to full-height like other competitors’ products.

    The full-sized crew cabin accommodates (3) personnel, and the regular-sized cabin accommodates (2) personnel. The unit can be operated autonomously via the internet.

    BORSEC tower camera systems include (but are not limited to) a 100×50mm advanced IR night vision camera, dome cameras with pan/tilt, motion activation and tracking, wind speed indication, and directional antennas that can relay real-time high-definition video data up to 100+ miles from location – also a BORSEC™ exclusive.

    The system obtains all primary daytime operational power from two (2) high-efficiency solar panels, which continuously power the camera, computer and communications systems.

    They charge three (3) 2,000-Amp, 86-Ah 12-volt mil-spec dry cell batteries which provide the power for night operations. Drawing energy primarily from solar power enables the system to operate approximately 15 days without maintenance or refueling.

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