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    Metal detector EX® 728 (EMMD205)

    Metal detector EX® 728
    Print-Ready Version

    Metal detector

    EX® 728

    The device is equipped with soil compensation and a Pulse-Analyzing circuit (PA), which checks the conductivity of detected objects classifying them as long or short decaying targets. The object character is indicated by an audible and a visual indication. The additional information is advantageous in analogue and digital surveys.

    • Sturdy design, simple to operate

    • Exchangeable search heads and large loops

    • High detection sensitivity

    • Static / dynamic operation mode

    • Pulse induction system with normal and soil compensation mode

    • detects ferrous and non – ferrous metal

    • Pulse-analyzing-function (PA)

    • Stepless audio threshold

    • Analogue indication of signal intensity

    • Data output UW-


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